Medium Pork Box- 60 lbs.


6.35/ lb. Subtotal:  381.00   This medium pork box is the best value of our box options because of the bulk pricing. You’ll receive all the great cuts just like in the small pork box, only double!

Each box can vary slightly on the amount of cuts because of weight variations, but this box share will contain the following: 2-3 Boston butt roasts (2-3 lbs.), 2 ham roasts (2-3 lbs.), 8-12 pork chop packages (2 in each package), 8-10 packs of uncured bacon, 10-12 lbs. of ground pork (not seasoned), 10-12 lbs. of sage sausage, and 2-3 of the following: baby back ribs, ham hock, or tenderloin.

This product is only available in the fall after processing time. You can click ‘add to cart’ to RESERVE this share to pick up in the fall. We’ll put you on our reserve list and then fulfill the order when it’s ready. These go fast, so reserve ahead of time! Payment is by cash or check upon pickup or delivery.

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