Hi there! We are Timothy and Julie Beahm. We have five children ages 10, 9, 6, an 4, and 1. We love the Lord, our family, and the land we live on.

Timothy and Julie met in school and were married in 2008. Timothy was raised on a dairy farm, and has a degree in plant science from Dordt college. He has seen and worked among many different aspects of farming. He has a passion for being outside, working the land, and raising animals. His creativity and inspiring work ethic spills over into everything he puts his hands to!

Julie loves homeshooling their children, cooking good, wholesome food, and learning more about nature and raising healthy animals. 

Years ago, we had a paradigm shift. More and more we realized that basic health really begins with the food we put in our mouths. Step by step, we have endeavored to create a healthier diet and lifestyle with clean, wholesome food. Our journey towards a healthier lifestyle has helped to bring us to why we have our own farm today. We have peace of mind knowing where are food comes from and that it is free from harmful pesticides, hormones, and preservatives. We have a vision to share what we do with our children, family, friends, and community to benefit their health and lives for the better.

When we started our family, we felt a passion for accomplishing a greater goal in life and doing it together. Our big goal: The family farm- where our children have a vital and important role in learning more about their food and nature. We want our farm to be sustainable, providing work and enjoyment for our children and their children. We are working hard to preserve and leave a legacy of holistic practices, God-honoring farming, and beautiful land behind us for our family to enjoy, all the while providing healthy meat for our growing family and our community!

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Best Practices