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There’s a nagging feeling of uneasiness that can be pervasive when shopping for food. You know, the one where you look at the food you are putting in your cart and then wonder “Is this really the best I can do for my family? Is this label that says ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ really telling the truth?” Ever wish you could do better for your family and for the environment through your food choices?

It’s hard to find good clean food that’s simple to obtain and within budget when you have a family. You just wish for transparency and that your food was raised as close to nature as possible. What peace of mind you would have if you could just know exactly how your food was raised, and by whom, as you serve that food to yourself and your children.

 I too felt that need in my life. I wanted a sense of ownership over our food sources, and I wanted reassurance and peace when we ate food. There was a time when we assessed our food choices and made steps one by one to better each area of our diet. My husband and I both felt this is why we wanted to start farming. We started a journey to better health after having kids.

Our perspective on everything changed after having kids- from thinking about the cleaning products we used, to the air we breathed, to the food we ate. We just wanted the best food we could afford to keep them healthy and thriving. We were wary of the labeling system and wished we had access to affordable grassfed meat products. We began our farm in hopes of accomplishing this goal for ourselves and others.

We know in depth how to raise animals in a more natural way to avoid having to use pesticides, antibiotics, and hormones. Those things are necessary on big conventional feed lots where most of America’s meat is raised. We have learned better practices so that we don’t have to use those additives!

We help an animal grow to their best potential without a lot of intervention that could ultimately be harmful to us. We studied and practiced these methods (which are often harder to do and more time costly) to raise animals more closely to how nature intended. The benefit for us has been the wonderful flavor, the difference in having good healthy fat content in the meat, and the uptick of Omega-3’s. And just having healthy happy animals that we are proud to show off! They look beautiful and natural when they are being raised the way they were intended.

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-Julie Beahm

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