Small Pork Box- 30 lbs.


9.50/lb. Subtotal: 285.00    This pork share is just the right amount for people who have limited freezer space. The 30 lbs. in this box will fit in most people’s refrigerator freezers. This is pork you can feel good eating. It’s nitrate/nitrite free, and has a wonderful flavor! Our pigs were raised on pasture in their natural environment, and you can really taste the difference in the meat!

Each box can vary slightly because of the weights of the packages, but this box will typically contain: 1-2 Boston butt roasts (2-3 lbs.), 1 ham roast (2-3 lbs.), 4-6 pork chop packages (2 chops in each package), 4-5 packs of uncured bacon, 5-6 lbs. of ground pork (not seasoned), 5-6 lbs. of sage sausage, and 1-2 of the following: baby back ribs, ham hock, or tenderloin.

We have these pork boxes available after fall processing, so please ‘click add to cart’ to RESERVE this item ahead of time! We keep of a list of all the pork reserves so that we can contact you in the fall to fulfill the order. These sell out, so go ahead and reserve as early as you’d like! You can order one box by itself, or double for 60 lbs. Payment is by cash or check upon pickup or delivery.