Hamburger Cooking Hack for Grassfed Beef (and Pork!)

We are saving up to buy a new grill (our old one went kaput), and I really missed our easy hamburger meals, especially during the summer! 

I was often pan frying hamburger patties, pork burgers, and sausage patties, until my husband Timothy said one day, “Put all the patties in the oven at once and bake them?!”

Brilliance! Now we have less mess, and batch cooking as a result. If you have a big family like ours, this type of life hack for cooking hamburgers just makes so much sense. If you eat a paleo, keto, or protein heavy eating style, then cooking hamburger patties all at once would make a great to way to prep ahead easy lunches for the whole week.

Here’s the three types of patties we’ve been baking in the oven lately (and you can broil it at the end for a few minutes to get it crispy)

  • Hamburger patties
  • Ground pork patties (have you ever had a pork burger? It’s just the best! Remember to season it well with salt and other spices)
  • Sausage patties

Here’s a picture of one of my big kid helpers seasoning the meat.

Below is my hamburger cooking hack for grassfed beef (and pork)!

How to bake three types of patties (ground beef, ground pork, or sausage):

  1. Line a large rimmed backing sheet with parchment paper or foil.
  2. Season the meat prior to making the patties (by mixing in a bowl with your hands), or just season the top. Form meat into patties.
  3. Cook at 375 degrees for a few minutes until one side is browned, then take the pan out and flip them to brown the other side.
  4. Use your meat thermometer to get them to a safe eating temperature.
  5. Remove the patties and serve!

Note- the sausage and ground pork patties will have more grease than the ground beef patties typically, so just be safe when removing the pans in and out of the oven or when you are broiling at the end. Broiling is an optional step, but does help to get the tops crispy. 

Enjoy this time-saving hack for cooking hamburgers or any type of pattied meat in your kitchen. Let me know if you’ve ever done this, or what your favorite seasoning combos are. I need some fresh inspiration in that area! 

You can take a look at all of our meat options HERE. Ground beef can be purchased within our wholesale box options, and ground pork and sausage are included in our pastured pork box options. 

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