What I Wish I Could Tell Every Farm Customer


This past week I had a very impactful conversation with customers who came to pick up a meat share from our farm that they had reserved.  Each person we’ve met over the past six years since starting our farm has always been such a blessing, but this conversation was especially uplifting to me that day.

The day we had scheduled meat pickups at the farm, I was feeling a tad overwhelmed…exhausted from helping my toddler in the night the last few weeks, getting meat orders out, answering inquiries, planning out all the meat pickups and appointments, processing chickens, getting pigs moved, homeschooling my five children…the list goes on. 

This particular family had driven from several hours away and had such an encouraging way about them. They wanted to hear more about our farm, and to see some of the animals we had nearby. They listened, asked really great questions, and towards the end looked me in the eyes and said “Thank you for what you do!” I was so humbled and floored to hear that.

Our older children helping and learning how to pack meat boxes for customers

That day, this family’s interest and genuine thanks for our meat really impacted and encouraged me. Through our small family farm we’ve been able to start relationships with families all across Virginia and D.C., a symbiotic one, where they are looking to support local farms and find better food raised more thoughtfully and holistically. Many of them desire to create more of a connection with their food (to see where it’s raised, and who’s raising it!).

On our end, my husband Timothy literally has farming in his genes. He loves what he does, and as his wife, I had a dream of raising animals to have healthy meat for our growing children. Eventually our farm was born, and it became something we could do together as a family.  The relationships we’ve formed with customers over the years has meant so much to us as a small farming family. 

Playing around in the pig pastures

What I wish I could tell every farm customer is this: We are thankful and encouraged that many of you keep choosing us every year to supply meat for your families. We hope to keep improving and serving those who come to our farm with the very best that we can offer. This is a relationship between local families and farmer, and we are thankful to meet so many amazing people along this journey. 


Lush grass for the cattle!

Grassfed Beef & Pastured Pork update: Because so many people have asked, I wanted to give an update that we have no beef or pork available for sale right now, but our waiting list is filling up fast for our first processing times next year. Fill out the order form on our product page to reserve shares for 2022. We may have ground beef only available for sale this winter, so keep an eye out in our monthly email for when we have that available. 

Happy Fall,


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