June Farm Updates

Hi there! This is Julie writing, 

In our last farm update, we were all about preparation and getting ready for a busy spring. Well, it sprung all right!

We’re raising 65 meat chickens right now, a good size group of pigs, and our calving season went well. The big projects for this month have been pasture clipping, making hay to store for next winter, and keeping up with our fast growing animals!

Here’s some pictures of the gorgeous few days we’ve had. Great for hay making! Our youngest son loves his pigs (at least when they are little and smaller than him!)

I love watching our toddler play around the goats and the pigs. He even likes gathering the eggs with his big brother! There’s so many good things in our mountain pastures for our pigs to eat! Here’s one little guy munching on grass.

Our children have been busy gardening with us, and our oldest daughter is having a great crop of strawberries this year. Here she is making some desserts with it! Now that we are done with homeschooling for the year, we have extra time to spend outside just in time for more gardening! 

And these guys below were being nosy and kept following me around as I was working in the garden this past week. It was nice to have the company! I love the beautiful colors in this group. 

This man below, on the tractor, is the backbone of our farm. Working hard day in and day out. Many of you may not know this, but we have our small family farm in addition to another business we own, and yet another off-farm job. Timothy juggles it all, and is a loving husband and dad to our five children. He’s very intentional about taking the children with him places, teaching them, spending time with them despite the busy lifestyle we have. Thanks to all you for buying meat from us all these years, we’ve been able to expand and keep afloat our small family farm because of that, and we are so grateful. 

June 2022

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