Meal Planning with Beef from Beahm Family Farm

Imagine you have a freezer full of grassfed beef at your fingertips.

I can think of five meals off the top of my head I can make with ground beef alone! On busy days at our house, I pull out ground beef or small steaks to thaw, and I have an easy meal for dinner that night.

I equally look forward to other days when I can cook one of our roasts. I’ll throw a thawed roast in the crockpot with some veggies and broth and have a comforting, hot meal at the end of the day. Some of my customers laugh at me when I say “throw” things in the crockpot. I tell them, “You literally cannot mess up this cut of meat. Cook it low and slow in your crockpot, or even faster in your instant pot, and it will turn out great!”

Summer is a great season to make plans for better, healthier eating. If you have grassfed beef at your fingertips, you’ll have the start to homecooked, healthy meals.

If you have a budget for your family, the fluctuating grocery store prices for meat are a pain.  The labels can be unclear and confusing on that “grassfed” or “natural” beef package you might buy. And of course, the constant meal planning is never ending.

With a freezer full of beef- you don’t have these problems. You can buy it once and done!

Here’s a sample menu plan for someone with one of our beef shares in their freezer:

  • Ground beef 2 times a week (examples: Tacos, meatloaf)
  • Roast 1 time week (either classic pot roast or pulled beef sandwiches)
  • Grilled steaks for the weekend.

Your menu for the week is over half done already!

You can also have peace of mind about our beef, because you can actually talk to us about our farming practices and animals. No confusing labels! Our cattle are completely grass fed and finished, never given grain. We go the extra step of not spraying pesticides on our farm. We don’t inject our animals with hormones or use antibiotics. We raise our animals on the beautiful mountain pasture land in Rappahannock County, VA and use rotational grazing for the health of our animals and the regeneration of the land.

We’ve tried to keep it simple so that you can have a freezer full of beef from our farm.

We sell beef two ways:   Boxes (30, 60, or 90 lbs.) and Custom Cut Large Shares (i.e. enough beef for a year for some families)


No extra freezer?

Try a box of beef from us, filled with ground beef, high end steaks, and a couple of roasts. It fits in the fridge freezer, and can feed a smaller household for a couple of months. 

Have extra freezer space?

Get a half or whole beef share and customize the cuts how you want them! You could have beef for a whole year or more!

We have beef shares available in box form now, and larger beef shares (half and whole) available this summer into the fall.

Check out our product page to place a pre-order! 




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