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When I ask customers what brought them to our farm, I often hear this kind of response, “We’ve been searching for meat that doesn’t have added hormones, a farmer that doesn’t use antibiotics or pesticides, and we finally found you!” The foundational need that brings many folks to our farm is this: many of you are trying to find a certain type of healthy meat, and often don’t know who to trust or how to connect with a farm. The grocery store meat labels can’t tell the whole story of the producer behind the product.

Relationship with a local farmer is greater than labels. For instance, our customers can see what we do firsthand. We explain our process of raising animals through one-on-one conversations. We can provide you with the information you are looking for -that we don’t inject our animals with hormones, antibiotics, or spray pesticides on our farm.

We love to share what we do with people looking to buy directly from a farmer. It’s often a match made in heaven, and we’ve enjoyed some rewarding long term friendships that have come about from working with families all over Virginia.

There’s not only health benefits to grass raised and finished beef (like higher omega 3’s and CLAs,) but there’s the difference in the taste. And there’s a reason for that.

The happy, healthy look of our animals is dependent on how we take care of the fields and foraging practices first. Our animals have plenty of rotation for good foraging. We cultivate and manage the growth in the pastures, providing the best environment for our animals. That’s what truly makes a difference in our meat quality and taste.

Here’s what our small family farm can do for YOU:

-We can provide you with bulk meat options. You can decide whether a 30 lb. beef or pork share suits your family, or if a large share (like a custom cut half or whole beef/pig) would suit your needs.

-You can pick what month you’d like to pre-order your meat for (we provide you with our schedule of butcher dates to pick from)

-We stay in touch, through email or text to update you about your meat order.

-We can give advice on how to prepare your home for bulk meat- from figuring out what size share would work for your family to recommending the size of deep freezer you might need for a large order.  

-We can help you with your cut sheet for large shares and help you load your large share when we meet you at the butcher (small shares are picked up here at our Sperryville farm).


Here’s a picture of our 30 lb. box. Most or all of it could fit in a normal sized refrigerator freezer, and that was our goal when putting this size together. We also sell 60 and 90 lb. box options for those with bigger families and more freezer space.

The problem for what’s for dinner can be solved with a 30 lb. assorted beef box from our farm. There’s a variety of cuts of steak, roasts, and ground beef.

If you have limited freezer space, a smaller family, or just want to try it out, our small box sizes are the best place to start!


The above is a picture of our customer’s half a beef in the freezer! 

The most popular meat share from our farm is the custom cut half or whole beef option. You get to pick the type of cuts you want and supply your family with meat for the whole year! Two families can go in together and split a whole beef as well.

When I talk with customers and friends who have bought half or whole shares of beef or pork, there’s a common thread- none of them miss having to buy meat from the grocery store. They’ve gotten used to buying in bulk from our farm! It’s a privilege to be able to grab whatever cut of beef or pork out of the freezer when needed. Especially on busy days, a pound of ground beef thawing for dinner is a lifesaver!

There’s peace of mind and flexibility when there’s a large share of meat on hand. Knowing that the quality, taste and raising of the meat in your freezer was from a farmer you trust.

Click this LINK to peruse our products or submit a pre-order, then I’ll email you to work out the details!

Many thanks for reading,

Timothy & Julie Beahm


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