Custom Cut Half a Beef


4.25/ lb. hanging weight plus processing. Approximately 150-200 lbs. of take home meat after processing.  The total cost will vary based on how large the animal is at processing time. $1,300-1,600 is the estimated total cost which will include the processing fee.

Our custom cut half a beef will provide your family with a beef supply for an entire year or more! This is the lowest cost option, and gives you ultimate control over what type of beef cuts are processed. You get to choose!

We have made an easy-to-use online form that walks you through the cut sheet options for processing, and you can have a choice in the packaging sizes, steak thickness, roast sizes and types, and extras like beef bones and organs if you like. This is the ultimate beef buying experience. We work with you on getting the half a beef processed just the way you like it.

All you’ll need to get started is click ‘add to cart’ and we’ll let you know when the next custom beef processing date is. We’ll send info about the deposit to secure this order, and a link to the cut sheet. We only process custom orders a few months out of the year, so reserve now to get yours!

This is a weight variable product and will be listed as 0.00 in your cart. Final price will be calculated by us after processing.

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