Large Beef Box- 90 lbs.


$9.30/lb. Subtotal: 837.00    Best value of all our assorted cut beef boxes! This 90 lb. beef box share is great for lasting a family for months and months, or to split the cost with friends or family! You’ll get all the great cuts of steak, roasts, and loads of ground beef for easy meals.

Our beef boxes can vary, but this share will typically contain the following: 6 each of the premium steak cuts (filet, Delmonico, NY strip), 3 sirloin steaks, 6-7 roasts (chuck, London broil), and approx. 48-50 lbs. of ground beef.

To reserve this share, just click ‘add to cart’ and we will email you to set up an appointment for pickup or delivery! Payment is by cash or check upon pickup or delivery.

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Price Per Pound

8.30/ lb.